Family Law Attorneys Based In New Bedford, Massachusetts

If a problem involves your family and the court system in our region of Massachusetts, attorneys at the Law Office of Moira E. Tierney will help you find the best options for resolving it while protecting your interests.

We ultimately resolve the great majority of divorces and other family disputes through adept negotiation or mediation — but we must often help our clients clear numerous hurdles to get to that point. This is especially true when parents have differing views of what is best for children or the couple has complex, high-value assets to divide.

Turn To Attorneys Who Know The System And All Viable Paths To Resolution

We have three mediators on our cohesive legal team, and we recommend negotiations or mediation when the likelihood of success is favorable. However, our lawyers prepare rigorously for trial and drive hard for favorable results when that is what your case requires. We provide solid information and guidance, so that you can make confident decisions. Our knowledge and capabilities cover these challenges and more:

  • Divorce at any level of conflict and complexity, with specific strengths relevant for clients who must complete complex, high-value property division
  • Child custody concerns and disputes, including litigation or mediation to produce a parenting plan that does justice to your vital role as a father or mother
  • Alimony, child support and other pivotal issues that affect your financial well-being and future security
  • Adoption — with primary emphasis on stepparent and other in-family adoptions
  • Post-divorce modifications of child custody, support or alimony
  • Negotiation, mediation or litigation to resolve disputes over child relocation that would interfere with court-ordered access and parenting time
  • Drafting, review, defense and well-grounded challenges of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

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A skilled, professional divorce attorney must be ready to respond to any development in the case. We take the time and devote the resources to prepare thoroughly upfront, assessing known or likely points of conflict and developing clear, practical strategies. To discuss your family law concerns and objectives with an attorney you can trust, request a consultation at our highly regarded firm in New Bedford.