Family Law Mediation

There are many excellent reasons to avoid full-blown litigation in a Massachusetts divorce or any other sensitive family law dispute. Financial realities are just one reason, but often very significant: the costs of a serious legal battle can exceed the value of the assets or issues on the line. If you have children to protect from emotional fallout — or simply wish to maintain civil communication with your divorcing spouse — mediation may be the optimal solution.

Certified Mediators: Focused On Your Key Priorities

At the Law Office of Moira E. Tierney in New Bedford, we are dedicated to helping men and women select the best paths through the divorce process, based on their personal and financial priorities. If mediation is likely to work in your case, we will thoroughly prepare you for that process.

Outcomes Matter Greatly. As Do Your Time And Costs. We Present Options.

Do you and your spouse agree on fundamental aspects of your kids’ care and upbringing, but not on financial matters such as alimony? Perhaps the marital and separate assets in your case are complex, involving multiple properties, a family business or professional practice, and investments. These are just sample scenarios that often lend themselves to mediation, which can provide discretion and stress relief in comparison to the litigation process.

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